Monday, November 23, 2009


Some people are so easy to work with:
flexible, creative, supportive and caring.
Others are harsh, critical and demanding.
Teamwork doesn't seem to come naturally
to them. They want to always be in control.

Things have to be done their way or it's
the highway. Well, two can play that game.
I choose not to play anymore. Criticized,
feeling used, I left. I know how to do that,
be it: a marriage, a friendship or a job.

I do love to work with others when we
come together and feed off each other
with our love, energy and enthusiasm.
That's called teamwork. It's necessary
for our soul's feeding and daily growth.


  1. Yes team work is fun if all involved are supportive and understanding to each other...a great way to utilize the full potential of each and every member.It gets better if all agree to work for the success of a common can't have personal goals set for oneself in a team work.Inspirational post .By the way i like Mr.Lion wearing a suit(lol)

  2. Hoping you have a lovely and family-filled Thanksgiving this week:))
    As to teamwork--it makes or breaks a project or a workplace!

  3. I agree totally, Lin. There is nothing worse than someone who is critical, hard to work with and always wants to be in control...I do just like you --walk quickly away.

  4. You described my bosses perfectly... I am more for teamwork