Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Self Image

Talking about marketing ourselves, got me thinking of the self image we all have. Considering first of all-AGE. I think we adults all feel younger inside that we appear outside. Gazing in a mirror or window as we pass a store or house, it's interesting how we PERCIEVE ourselves. First of all, I check out my WEIGHT-am I looking any better since I'm loosing weight? In the mirror a SMILE takes years off my face and makes anyone look better.

Then there's HAIRDOS and CLOTHES. I have some apparel that I love to wear and feel great in, then other articles of clothing that sit unworn in my closet. Everytime I try them on, I end up taking them off and putting them back on the hanger. I don't like how they feel or look. Those are items I need to donate to a second hand store, also old shoes that I never wear. We Americans tend to have too much MATERIAL THINGS and could so easily share our access with those in need. We're also too influenced by the skinny youth model standard out there in advertising and magazines.

So our SELF IMAGE is made up of many things-our appearance, our age, our experience with others, our CONFIDENCE, our outlook, health, current stresses, EXPECTATIONS, etc. We can choose HOW we see our life despite any problems or challenges that are in our way. One way to change our viewpoint is not to dwell on our problems but rather COUNT OUR BLESSINGS...write them in a JOURNAL or a BLOG. This is a great month to do that. Also we need to practice UNCONDITIONAL LOVE on ourselves-despite our challenges. God loves us, and we need to love ourselves. Even the scriptures back that up. Love your neighbor as yourself. Make a list in a comment of 10 of your greatest blessings or things you love about yourself and your life. Here's mine:

1. My family-each one of them
2. Faith in God and a church I believe in
3. Writing abilities and opportunities
4. Trust worthy loving husband
5. Living in Utah-my home
6. Opportunities to teach
7. Friends to enrich my life
8 Internet for blogging, education and shopping.
9. Health and opportunities to exercise
10. Ancestors and a heritage


  1. Lin;
    Perfect post for me this morning>
    Here goes!
    1.My wonderful family.
    3.My wonderful husband of 38 years, that seems to show that he loves me even more each day.
    4.My equally, wonderful friends that care so much!
    5. My great Drs that help me help myself.
    6. Have to mention my pets both today and in the past who have enriched my life for sure.
    7. The ability to see the glass half full.
    8.This one may sound silly, but I love my laptop. It helps me stay in contact with the world(people) that I can't get out to visit that often.
    9.Air in my lungs that allows me to be on this side of the dirt.
    10. New hopes in the fight against cancer that make me believe in tomorrow.
    Those are the ones that I'm thankful for today!

  2. Great lists, Lin and Peggy! Funny, I wrote a post about counting your blessings just a few weeks ago.

    Counting your blessings is always a morale booster. Doing so makes me happy. Your lists encompass mine and more!

  3. Here are my blessings:
    1. I am loved
    2. Freedom
    3. My mom, who gave me the foundation for all that I am
    4. Dear friends
    5. My Faith
    6. My dear husband, a true gift
    7. Three children who have brought such joy to me
    8. A wonderful, warm, comfortable home filled with love
    9. My health
    10.Able to have been a stay at home mom with all of my children

  4. I am thankful for
    1. My health
    2. My husband
    3. My home
    4. Memories of a great career
    5. My talent with needlework
    6. My friends
    7. My family
    8. My dog and two previous dogs
    9. Being born in America
    10. ...and my Canadian heritage

  5. here we go; I am truly thankful for
    1. my immediate family and my extended family and their love and devotion. and my friends..
    2.compassion for anything and everything.
    3.my health
    4.opportunities that I have given in life
    5.humility and forgiveness.
    6.Sun shine, blue skies, rain, snow
    7.Goodness in human kind trusting love.
    8.My amazing body, which, keeps giving and giving.
    9.art and music that enriches my soul.
    10.technology, that, allows me to go further.
    11.Being born in an eastern culture,and living in western culture
    12.My work that I am so passionate about
    13. lessons that I have learned and many more yet to come.
    14. uncertainty of life that keeps us guessing :)

  6. Great post, Lin! You are so right, I definitely feel younger inside that I appear outside. Counting blessings always brings a feeling of thankfulness.

  7. This is an interesting post. I noticed that you mentioned listing things one was grateful for, things they liked about their lives... and/or things they liked about themselves. It's interesting that I don't see anyone (including our blog host) mentioning things they like about themselves. What does that say about "self image" and the way we somehow don't feel "safe" discussing...certainly not touting, our qualities?

    I used to have people do an exercise on being thankful. I'd ask for three things they were grateful for. Family was almost ALWAYS on the list. I'd push them to be more specific. After all... there are times when our husbands, parents, siblings, children etc... can drive us completely nuts! As an example:
    I am grateful for my mothers hands...
    the sound of my children's footsteps coming in the door...
    My second born son's unbelievable quick wit and generosity of spirit.

    It seems to help me to force myself to look for the little, usually unnoticed, things that I can take a deep breath, give a big sigh, or let a smile fill my heart over. And to be specific about the reasons... and the gifts each individual possesses... that cause my family to fill my cup.

    Good post, Lin. But, I do find it so interesting that women especially have such a hard time listing things about themselves that they're proud of... whether it's great eyebrows or a forgiving heart.

    Let me start:
    I like my eyes
    I like my sense of style
    I like my God given interest in people
    I like my creative mind

    Now... that wasn't too tough.

  8. I loved your post and loved caryn's above as well. It is hard to say what we like about ourselves but I will!
    1. I like that I have a sense of humor
    2. I like that I can write well enough to get published.
    3. I like that I am a good wife and can get my husband's spirits up when needed.
    4. I like that I am not overweight and work out.
    5. I like that I eat healthy.

    6. I like that I can get around myself and am still independent.
    7. I like that my daughter and I are so close.
    8. I like that I love people!
    9. I like that I can bake well.
    10. I like that I am persuing my passion.

  9. Wonderful post Lin.Here's my list..

    1.my being an Indian.

    2.the most understanding and progressive parents.

    3the most loving siblings,we still enjoy that special intimacy we had as growing up together.

    4.a good education .

    5.a soul-mate,yes i found one.

    6.two lovely kids and a very great family to be a part of.

    7.my ability to adjust in a given environment

    8.friends tell me that they trust me and always call me first when they are in need.

    9.my firm faith in god and religion.

    10.compassion and gratitude.

  10. 10 things I love...
    1. my family...
    2. my friends
    3. my health is stable for now
    4. blogging friends..
    5. mind still works.
    6. live in a great country
    7. have good health insurance and am comfortable
    8.have tried to learn from my mistakes
    9. honest, well intended person
    10. try to do my best