Saturday, November 21, 2009

Saturday again

Have you noticed how fast the days pass
quickly moving from Monday to Friday,
while I'm still doing the breakfast dishes.

Then it's the weekend––two more days
that are too quickly over. Night falls,
morning follows and suddenly it's...

Monday again. All the time, my life
is rushing quickly away from me.
There's no time for me to slow it down.

Only depression can make it extend
into slowness and
I guess I'm happy that it's Saturday again.


  1. Be as happy as ever Lin....let it continue.I love your positivity,it is contagious.Happy weekend.

  2. So true about depression. I try not to let things get me down.

  3. Weekends were more special when I had to earn them by working all week. But I'm not complainin'.

  4. Me too Lin, I am happy it's Saturday again. No use beingsad about how fast our lives are flying by. I am exactly where I want to be and that's happy!
    You see you glass half full, like me!

  5. Glad you are happy. But, I would like the weekends to slow down a bit, without depression.

  6. It always startles me that it's suddenly Saturday when I thought yesterday was Monday. It seems to be flying by too quickly for me.

  7. The time has been flying by for me and I guess it's good that it has because that means that I am not into some depression....