Thursday, October 8, 2009

Writing Articles

I'm reading an interesting book about writing articles that I got from the writer's conference that I went to several weeks ago. It's called "Writing Content: Mastering Magazine and Online Writing" by Roger Nielsen. Seems he was sitting next to us at a banquet and told us about his book, so of course I wanted to buy it. Trying to get published short magazine articles and writing longer family histories is where I'm at currently-non fiction is my thing. So I'm enjoying finding out more about the field. He lists different kinds of articles you can write:
  • Report-recaps of research
  • Survey-broader report of research results
  • Profile-spotlight on an individual's life
  • Travelogues-this sounds fun
  • Voice of warning-i.e. global warming, etc
  • Narrative-recalling some event
  • First person-non fiction narrative
  • How tos-explaining the process or procedures of making something
  • Laundry lists-i.e. food storage ideas
  • Humorous-which he says the hardest to write but it's important to put some humor in all your articles to make them more interesting.
It seems to me that some of these overlap, but it's opened my eyes to new possibilities and just yesterday I wrote an article on Huntsman Senior Games archery tournament featuring my hubby. Will try to interest an editor from US Archer magazine who is also an archery participant....Now for a trip to Tahiti or somewhere exotic so I can write a travelogue. LOL!

What do you or would you like to write about?


  1. I am reading your book and it has inspired me to write about my roots with a reference to lots of pictures....a perfect gift for my kids.

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  3. Sounds like an interesting book. I will have a look at it. At the moment I don't even know what I like to write about. 10 hours at work and three at church have done me in.....I can't think!

  4. Isn't it great when you find a new area to explore.. You know me, I love nature...Michelle