Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Unfinished Business

Been thinking about projects
started but not completed
due to lack of interest or time.
Books purchased, a few pages
read but no drive to finish.

What can be lacking is endurance,
keeping focused, finding needed
energy to complete, to finalize.
But if the interest is gone so is
the desire to see it to completion.

What stops me? Other projects
needing my attention or just
lack of time? Still the project
waits and waits. Sometimes
disappearing from my memory

until that day I rediscover it:
the unfinished manuscript or
the idea for the perfect poem
collection to make for family,
a fun holiday gift to make and give.

It's time to choose an unfinished
task that interests me and complete it.
I choose...my husband's life story
The Unauthorized Biography of...
started long ago still waiting.
Now where are my notes?


  1. LOL I could have written that about me today! I have little piles of things needing to be done and I can't seem to figure which one to do and get the motivation going! Good luck!

  2. Hmmm..it sounds as if you have been in my house, looking at all the unfinished projects stacked here and there :) O.K. I will work on finishing up the afghan for my daughter today!

  3. Wow, I feel this way too. Whats worse is that many of these projects I keep starting involve others too. Many people have sent emails asking for FH information that I haven't gotten back to yet, because I haven't gotten back to that project yet. I love all of what I do, but I start too many at once. I don't see how I can ever do as much as I want to in this life time. I like the goal you set to pick one up and work on it until it is finished. I need more focus.

  4. I think on my unread books like wine in a cellar, waiitng for the right time to be opened and read.

  5. i am going to clean my fridge tomorrow ..no matter what.

  6. I was much better at completing projects when I was working full time. I think that's because I kept myself organized and kept a list of what needed to get done. Now, fully retired, I wing it from day to day. Not good!

  7. I'm the same way...so many projects...so few finished. What's that about?

  8. I have many projects that are waiting to be started. I have the materials. Why I don't just begin...I do not know!

  9. This is my story, this is my song. I think it's about time I dug out an unfinished project too, LOL. It's time for something different and non-technical. I find that doing the same thing constantly stifles my creativity.

  10. Yup, I have some of those unfinished projects too. Some will get done when the time is right. Some will be found tucked away by another generation, just as I have found unfinished projects.

  11. I love the clip art that you have to go with your posts as they really draw you in and you present your suggestions in a way that is easily taken in...good teaching Lin..