Tuesday, October 27, 2009

REALLY connecting

Been noticing lately how it's possible to be
among people and not REALLY connect.
Pleasantries and smiles are exchanged but
not the deep inner thoughts of our souls.
Trust must be built first, then interest
shown in caring to listen to others thoughts.

It's called friendship and most of us are
too busy to cultivate it. We make friends,
see them occasionally, but do we connect?
Always looking for a new acquaintance
that will bring the feeling of closeness
like we've known each other forever
though we've only meet recently.

Over the years, I can count on one hand
the close friends I've encountered
on my journey through life. We've met,
talked and bonded instantly, wanting
more time to share confidences and
be together BUT time is so precious
seldom is there enough for continuing.


  1. LIN,friends are very important in one's life.You rightly pointed out the importance of connecting....i have just few close friends ,we share and exchange our thoughts from time to time even though that we don't meet very often as much as we would like to ....years don't define friendship ,one of my very close friend is the one whom i met just few years back but right from the first meeting we clicked (connected)fabulously ... friendship without connecting its like food without salt.

  2. Oh wow--you hit on it perfectly! that's my struggle here where I live. FInding close friends is difficult anymore. I have a few and that is it but we all want more!

  3. I have one "true" friend that has been in my life for 35 years, through everything and anything! I have friends but the relationships are so different.

  4. I have a few close friends I can count on one hand also and it's a challenge to keep that friendship going when we live so far away. Still, it's worth it.