Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Lovely Afternoon

Took some time yesterday to visit my friend Mary. We had jasmine herbal tea and some deep conversations about life. I love talking to her as we spin ideas off each other and always come away feeling somewhat fulfilled, yet eager to tackle our own life and its unique challenges. We all need friends for feedback, support and comfort. Mary shared a book she has read recently and her 11 pages of notes. Called You Can Be Happy No Matter What: Five Principles for Keeping Life in Perspective by Richard Carlson (author of Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff.)

  • Is my life really all that bad right now, or am I simply in a low mood?
  • Am I following the road toward unhappiness in an attempt to find happiness.
  • Am I putting my opinions above my positive feelings? Do I want to be right, or be happy?
  • Am I reacting to someone else’s low mood?
  • Am I playing out a war in my own head? (Mental arguing)
  • Am I struggling with a problem?
  • Is my tolerance for stress too high? Ease up, rest, stop over-thinking, clear the mind.
  • Am I thinking about myself too much?
  • Am I taking my past with me?
  • Am I postponing my life?


  1. This post was just what I needed Lin. I am struggling to get onto the "right path" with some issues from the past and you have pointed me in the right direction!

  2. There's some excellent points on that list.

  3. Thanks Lin! Enjoyed the list you shared. The book author gives some good checkpoint questions.

    The question that caught my eye this morning is the one that asks, "Am I thinking about myself too much?"

    That's often one that causes a pull downward on my happy face.

    I am more introspective by nature and although it's good to pay attention to how one's feeling and thinking, too much belly-button gazing, as someone once called it, is not a good thing either.

    I'm learning that those times when I feel more downcast, when I choose to pull my thoughts and gaze upward towards Jesus, I remain happier and more constantly joyful...and life looks a lot more beautiful too.

    So thx for sharing your friend's book with us.

  4. Questions remain. The urge to find, discover and make a better effort drives us on. Just be sure that conscience doesn't prick you later.:)

  5. These are excellent ideas and many that I can identify with.

  6. That is a very intersting checklist and something to really think about. This post will be on my mind through the day, I am sure.

  7. Do I want to be right... do I want to be happy? Ego sometimes makes it seem so important to be "right" when it really isn't.

    Am I reacting to someone else's low mood? I do that all too often in the office, and around the house when Wayne's upset over some silly thing. I hate it when he's unhappy over a lost book or a new scrape on his truck. I let it affect me more than I should every now and then. It goes against my grain to let someone else have that much control over my mood.

    Am I putting my opinions above my positive feelings? Easy to do in this political/financial environment. I need to watch that.

    Good thoughts...

    Wish I could have been sharing tea and ideas with you and Mary. That's always such a happy way to spend a few hours.

    Miss our "Artiist's Way" seminars!

  8. Sounds like I book I could read about right now! taking the past with me--that has been the problem here in our lives.

  9. Good topics to think about. The last two are particularly interesting.

  10. I enjoyed this very much. Thank you, Lin.

  11. We need to note this list down,hang it in an appropriate place and see and answer these questions every morning....a good introspection plan.Thanks for sharing this very important list with us,it will help lot of us out here.

  12. Hmmm. I gues I'm just not into self help books. If anything I'm too self analytical already.

  13. Good list for me at this time in my life..but I enjoy introspection, but my best friend here isn't into it as much as I am so we don't talk about it... I call my sister for that...