Thursday, October 29, 2009

Identifying Old Photos

I'm still working slowly on my husband's biography, starting with a little background on his ancestors. Allen has these two old photos that were framed and given to him by his brother. Originally they belonged to his grandma Gladys Floyd who had given them to his mom Wanda. Very old photos they are with no names on them. Through the process of elimination we think we have identified them as the mothers of his grandma and his grandfather. See below:

Meet Hattie Catherine Weaver born in 1870 in Texas. She is thought to be part Native American possibly Cherokee Indian. She has the same round face as her daughter Gladys and that helped us identify them.

Meet Nellie Alloysius Mundy also called Alicia born in 1870 in Clarksburg, West Virginia. Both she and her husband were college educated unusual in those days. She rode horseback around the countryside giving piano lessons. They later moved their family to Gatesville, Texas.


  1. How wonderful that you have identified these family members.

  2. Wonderful old photos, Lin,...and to think one female was a college graduate in the late 1800's!

  3. Finding those roots seems to get more important as we grow older......

    Your descendants will certainly appreciate all your research and heart work to gather your family history in one place.

  4. Your future generation is going to be very proud of you have preserved and researched so much of history of your family...that is a lot of hard work and the best part is you love doing it.

  5. Wow..that is so interesting and I bet to see the facial similarities.. PS..the pumpkin was put out for the squirrels to eat the seeds...