Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fall Colors

Bright yellow colors signal
the changing of the season.
A cool breeze rushes by
chilling me as I sit basking
in sunshine. Summer is gone.

But it didn't ask my permission
just slipped away like a guilty lover
not wanting to face the music
hiding behind a facade of integrity
until it, too, gives way.
Leaves fall, truth lies naked
like trees in the wintertime.


  1. I enjoyed that very much. It made me think of the way autumn lingers before a big rain comes and takes the remaining leaves down. And it's done and we are alone in space yet again.

    And the photos are masterful.

  2. Are they pictures near where you live? It is awesome!

  3. Photos from Utah valley, up north near my aunt's rural home...

  4. Lovely poem and gorgeous landscape photo, Lin.

  5. Awesome pictures and a beautiful poetry to go with it.

  6. Beautiful poetry, Lin. I love it! As usual, the photos are great. You're getting to be quite a PRO with that camera.

  7. Very nice! I like the poem and the pics.

  8. This poem really expresses it well. I love the guilty lover comparison...