Monday, September 28, 2009

More Autumn Leaves

Early fall leaves still cling to branches
Quickly turning to bright yellows and
Warm reds signaling a changing season
Our lives shift subtly too like nature
A few gray hairs appear then a wrinkle
Here and there dots our rushes
Onward as quickly as the seasons move
Clinging to our youth too tightly, we can
Miss the wonders of each day on earth


  1. Oh, the leaves are changing color here in Maine, too, Lin. Kind of makes me sad, but then beautiful winter is next in line.

  2. Nice photos.... nice thoughts about aging gracefully.....

  3. Beautiful poem Lin. Very meaningful! Our leaves here are slowly starting to change.

  4. What a great poem! Love it. Pics, too. Our trees are just starting to think about turning here.

  5. I am noticing the beginnings of nature's picture show. I love the beautiful fall colors. I liked the analogy in the poem to people showing age, too.

  6. Once we were in US during fall season,we captured few very pretty sights like these....we don't get to witness sights like these out here....the poem is lovely too.

  7. interesting, I only remember Utah turning the leaves colored for one afternoon, a psychedelic moving show on the mountain. Odd that you have colors. Our trees are just beginning to turn, barely.