Monday, September 14, 2009

Happy Lizard?

There you are scurrying out of my way
just like a wizard, but you are a lizard.
Covered with rough scales, you are not
cute, and you like to eat flies and bugs.

Living in the hot desert, how do you
spend your days? Resting in the shade
or digging in the cool dirt then looking for
an easy meal? It's looks like an fun life,

but you have problems too. There's that
dangerous road runner always about.
Waiting for his own quick meal to wander
into his path. Life isn't easy for any of us.


  1. True, everybody has to eat something. Well, almost everybody. Some of those bug we have around here don't eat, they just hatch breed and get picked up by the birds and fish. Kind of the ultimate free lunch in the food chain.

  2. Cute posting....

    I've never enjoying thinking about those food chains...... that's probably why I don't really enjoy those nature documentaries when I see lions ripping apart gazelles, etc.

    We had a hawk swing by for a snack on one of our backyard birds earlier this year. I said to Rick, I know he's gotta eat too (and I want him to be full), but does he have to eat MY birds in MY backyard?

    There we go.......

  3. I guess it isn't easy. But it can be fun!

  4. As usual, Lin, this is some good "food-for-thought"...

    Brings back vivid memories of teaching the ecosystem to my second graders.

  5. Circle of life...just last nite we watched LION KING Muphasa explains his son Simba this food chain.Very nice post Lin.

  6. That road runner needs to come to Hawaii. We're over run with lizards everywhere you go.

  7. Oh..I would be resting and then get eaten by the road runner...LOL...