Friday, September 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Nedret

One of my lovely daughters-in-law is Nedret
born and raised in Turkey, moved to New York 
She is unique, beautiful, talented and loving.
Mother of my grandson Hakan makes her special.
Expert on imported rugs, she has her own shop
in Santa Fe, NM, where she lives with her family:
husband Frank, my son,  a physical therapist
and their son Hakan-a lively bright 6 yr. old boy
who loves life and learning. Happy Birthday!


  1. Lovely tribute to your daughter-in-law, Lin. She, your son, and their son make a handsome family, don't they?

  2. How very nice a tribute. Happy Birthday!

  3. Nedret? Unusual name. My sister's name is Nedra. She is Korean-American.

  4. MOM! thank you so very much! I am touched.. Nedret is a persian man's name and I love it.. I was born and raised in Turkiye arrived in NY when I was 21.. I am very happy to be part of Mom Lin's family she is a beautiful person to embrace me as her daughter..

  5. Happy birthday, beautiful woman. What a great post. So much joy, Lin. thanks for sharing.

  6. Happy birthday, Nedret. She is definitely a gorgeous woman!

  7. She is lucky to have a MIL like you. Happy Birthday Nedret... Michelle