Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I took a fun quiz on FACEBOOK yesterday
and discovered that I have an instant fan club.
Connections I have made with family and friends
just by joining and commenting on their posts.

It's a new era in relating to others we care about,
taking the time to CONNECT through the Internet.
Being part of their lives and letting them know
of our activities keeps us in touch with each other.

Just like weekly letters from "the good old days"
used to do as we shared the daily happenings
of our lives, but now we can do it instantaneously-
all day no matter where we are at, if we are online.

We can TWITTER from our cell phones or other devices
so easily, and enjoy being a more intimate part of other's
lives-letting them know we care about them and sending
them value and love on a daily basis is what it's about.

Strengthening bonds of love and friendship through
a strange new means. Not unlike how HE communicates
with us with sudden inspiration and answers to our
prayers. Our FATHER is there too, just a prayer away.


  1. I'm on Face Book as a means of keeping up with my son, and with former teacher colleagues.

  2. Blogging is enough for me! But I know how much Ashton likes her "Facebook" and "Twitter" times. I have found wonderful new blogging friends. Its amazing how we can all be "connected" through some means, any time we want.

  3. Yes, it is a new era of relationship connections. Pretty awesome plan I'd say.

  4. Since FB i have rediscovered connection to all my friends,relatives and specially my cousins whom i have not met for years.

  5. So cool, Lin. I am back on Facebook and enjoying the contact and just the sense of being connected in even a minimal way from day to day with some good folks.

    Twitter is new to me and I am reading about it in Twitter Power by Joel Comm.

  6. Facebook and twitter are unique and a great way to keep in touch and to connect. Sometimes twitter is so fast I can only sit back and watch as it rolls by, can hardly get a word in "edgewise" before it's on to something new.

  7. I know everyone is on face book, but I am not ready for that yet....

  8. I just remembered why.. My sister put up a facebook and an old boyfriend contacted her and then found out where she lived and was almost stalking her.. The police had to talk to him..that scared me and is keeping me from giving too much personal info...