Thursday, August 6, 2009


Interesting how life is TBA
To Be Arranged, nothing is
really for certain. Things
can change at any time
despite your well planned
agenda or lists to do.

Death, illnesses, catastrophes
can come suddenly.
Life is full of surprises
but somethings are constant:
love, family and faith,
if you focus on them
or you can be unrooted,

unbelieving and angry
your whole life. You have
that option or agency
given to you by chance
or through divine plan.
Life is what you make of it
and how you live each day.


  1. Wow Lin, you have been reading my mind! I have struggled with a divided family for years, and its frustrating and sad. I can only arrange my own life but I can also still love from afar. As the saying goes, "life is too short"!P.S. Have thoroughly enjoyed your book!

  2. Every post of yours is a great guides me in so many ways...thanks for being such a wonderful friend.....taking a short break of a week or so...see you very soon.

  3. Amen! I have certainly found that out in the past few years with job loss, and child moving away etc. Life is never what we want it to be but it is life!

  4. Life became a lot easier for me when I realized that it isn't meant to be fair. Deal with what happens rather than get upset about what you can't change. It isn't fun or easy most of the time. My mother gave me some great advice once when I was learning the above lesson. "Sometimes the only way out is through." I was wasting so much time trying to avoid going through what was ahead, but once I accepted it and I did get through it, I have seen how much my life has been blessed because of the strength I gained going through.

  5. So true, Lin. I was thinking today of how beautiful the day was all by itself. And how extra beautiful it was because my daughter and her cousins got to play together at their grandparents'. The joy. The peace. And I wondered what else is there. We do well to live for today and let the tomorrows take care of themselves.

  6. The Chinese say..'may you live in interesting times' and we all do...