Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Spiritual Blog...

Saw a suggestion on Teresa Brouwer's blog about creating a spiritual blog. I'm afraid many of my entries are not "spiritual" but then how do you separate the spirit out of anything that takes place in your life? I know I could focus on spiritual topics such as PRAYER and MEDITATION, studying SCRIPTURES or other inspirational writings. But somethings are very PERSONAL, like our feelings about deity. Once I started a GRATITUDE JOURNAL and that became very spiritual as I realized all that I have in my life is a GIFT from ABOVE.

I think it's hard to share deep feelings that are inside us until you find a TRUSTING understanding friend that allows you to open up and express your feelings and QUESTIONS about LIFE. It's a gift to find someone like that- either a friend or in some cases a companion or spouse. It takes time to build trust, learn how to be vulnerable enough to risk expressing the REAL YOU. Not the outside smiling busy "happy" you but the INSIDE individual that worries and wonders. The best person to share that with is DEITY, if you believe in such. That's where FAITH comes in to PLANT a desire or seed to know THE GREAT CREATOR.

NATURE has a way of opening us to the reality of ORDER and PATTERN in the world that has to have SOMEONE in charge and is not just a BIG ACCIDENT in the way earth, nature, animals, people, planets and the UNIVERSE come together. All it takes is looking into the night skies and wondering about the STARS and SPACE there, to recognize our smallness and weaknesses as HUMANS. Having some FAITH or BELIEFS can form a basis of making sense of LIFE. I am so thankful for my RELIGION which gives me COMFORT and UNDERSTANDING of why I am here, where I came from, and where I am going.


  1. Wonderful post! Just what I needed!

  2. I think spirit finds a home in nature, and this creates a peace that goes beyond language or any image we can conjure.

    I had to laugh to myself. I was thinking of Freud. There are no accidents. Hmm...

  3. I think I am a spiritual person and I do feel very connected to some deeper meaning when I am in nature...

  4. i know what you mean and today if you were sitting in front of me i would have gone into detail about this....coz some things cannot be put into words, just have to be felt.i don't know how i would classify my self. a spiritual or non spiritual person but yes i beleive in the Supreme power and i often talk to Him in my own way.

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  6. Hello,
    We read your blog it is superb. Are you trust on Spiritual Guru.