Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Seeking to Understand

Peace on earth now awaits inside
sacred temple walls, hushing the
tumult of worldly cares, focusing
on my relationship with deity,
on blessings awaiting me above.

Be still my heart, courage for the
battle that is called daily life, for
the lessons yet to be learned
through earthly experiences only,
soon it will be over and then.

Looking back I'll understand
why it was necessary-the ups
and the downs, the choosing in
each day. Not easy, but worth it.
Not alone, you are by my side.


  1. Lin, thanks for sharing such an insightful post. You seem to touch on subjects that are important to me! I gain alot of insight from these posts and for that, thanks!

  2. I sense that you are "down", but I know that you do embrace life and live it fully. Life is a gift to be unwrapped anew each day.

  3. Linda-I like that thought. Went back and revised my poem so it was more uplifting. Not all my poems are biographical. I like to explore a variety of topics... I appreciate your comments.

  4. Lovely poem...I know that you faith is of great comfort to you. It would be nice to someday know all the reasons why....

  5. What a wonderful post and hope you are doing well.

  6. The prospect of peace now is quite lovely. To step into a temple, to become a temple.