Monday, August 10, 2009

A Mouse Tale

Tripped by a little mouse you say,
putting its little foot in your way?
No, that would be quite silly.
It wasn't a real mouse just one
hooked to my computer.
When I stood up quickly to get
my laundry to fold, the cord
connecting it entangled my foot
and down I went with a big kerplunk.

I startled my husband sitting nearby
at his computer working away,
so quietly (quiet as a mouse).
Suddenly his wife went flying by
and landed not too gracefully,
on the floor next to his desk chair.
He was surprised, but ever helpful
as he's been a boy scout forever.

As I lay there not knowing
if I was okay, he commented
What happened? As if I knew.
Further observation proved
there were no broken bones
as I landed on my soft bottom
still wondering what had happened,
until I felt the mouse's tail
wrapped tightly around my ankle.

Now, I know my tech savvy son
would say-Mom, why did you buy
a mouse with a cord when it could
have been wireless and safer?

Too late to teach this old dog
new tricks, but now my mouse's
long tail is tightly wrapped with
a rubber band to keep me safe.


Peggy said...

Golly, I loved this poem!

I have triped once or twice on my old mouse tail too. But no more, my son gave me his old cordless!

Cheryl /Ashton said...

Ah...loved this, at your expense unfortunately!!

Linda Reeder said...

A cordlass mouse does sound like a great idea. Mine frequently has too short of a tail. Hope your "tail" isn't bruised.

Anonymous said...

You were stricken by an attack mouse!
How dreadful! So glad you are not seriously hurt - falls can be so dangerous.

mom/caryn said...

ha ha hahahaha... oops! Would a REAL friend be laughing at the thought of you splayed out on the ground uncertain of the condition of your bones? Probably not... but, I just can't help myself. The incident may or may not have been funny, but your description of it is hilarious!!

I gotta tell you,... I LOVE my cordless mouse, and my wireless keyboard, and not tripping and sliding ever so ungracefully across the floor with a mouse tail wrapped around my ankle. You ought to look into it.

SandyCarlson said...

You have the pet on a short leash now. May you be well and safe. I am glad your husband was there to help you up!

Kay said...

Thank goodness you were OK, Lin. I probably would have broken a bone. I was thinking those laser mice would be pretty nifty.

Rambling Woods said...

Oh gosh., but I am so happy that you weren't hurt...