Friday, August 14, 2009

Make each day count...

Just heard that a dear friend and blogging mentor Susi Q fell down and broke her ankle seriously enough that she will have surgery on it today. Amazing how quickly our life can change in just a few seconds by an accident even within our own homes where we feel safest. Life as we know it any moment or day can radically change, therefore it's important to appreciate each "normal day" we have. Instead of "oh nothing special happened today" we could say "today was a special day of just ordinariness."

Just an ordinary day
no accidents, no traumas
to deal with. Just very quiet:
Meals to cook, laundry to do
plans to make, opportunities
surrounding me, but I look
with half closed eyes, wanting
more-something special,
different, exciting not really
appreciating just a normal day.

Another thought from about believing in a higher power and the effect it has on our lives written by Kelly Corrigan below in the photo, a non believer:

If there is a God, he knows how much I want there to be more to human existence than a series of discrete physical experiences that start with birth and end with death. I want all of us -- and all our lives -- to be meaningful. But small. I'd be elated to learn that this go-round is only part one of something that has a thousand parts. I'd love to laugh at this life from a distance.


  1. Enjoyed this post and will take a new lesson from it. Thanks Lin.

  2. Oh, that's true. I woke up early to get some work done, and I am feeling very grateful to have the opportunity to work via computer from the comfort of my bed and make some money this summer. Wonderfully ordinary!

  3. Thank you for reminding me. I have had enough time where I just wanted some quiet in my life..I should appreciate it more....Great reminder...

  4. Oh yes, I certainly know how your life can change in an instant when I broke by foot. And that was a minor inconvenience compared to other things that could have happened. I do appreciate what I have.