Saturday, June 6, 2009

Ways of Learning

I'm thinking we all learn in DIFFERENT ways: some of us are visual learners, others auditory and a few kinesethic, or a combination.  I think we also live our lives differently because of this. I like to make lists, write down goals, analyze in my journal (verbal and visual) while my friend Caryn likes to talk to others and listen to the sounds of nature. Others are active moving, doing physical things. Which kind of learner/person are you?

1. VERBAL-need everything in language, copious notetakers, not talkers but a learning style, seems to be related more to visual than aural.

2. VISUAL-makes pictures in their heads. highlights books, likes illustrations on the blackboard (that's ME!) last week in Sunday School class it was all I could do not to jump up and take over the class and diagram the process of REPENTANCE that the teacher was just talking about. I am a visual learner and I know it. That's the way I teach too.

3. AURAL-remembers everything said or spoken, ask for directions and then can remember distinctly what was said. Where to turn, what to avoid, etc. etc. Some husbands are good at this, though they don't like to ask directions because it proves they are lost. LOL!

4. KINESTHETICS-need to manipulate, move things about, closely connected to tactile (scientists), hands on learners-most kids are like this. Don't tell me just let me try to figure it out by working on it.

5. TACTILE need to touch things, risk takers, like to take things apart to understand them. I'm not sure I understand the difference between #4 and #5.

QUOTE: You can’t really change which way you learn and one way isn’t better than any other, although sometimes it’s more convenient to be one way over another. But you CAN use your knowledge of how you learn and how that differs from how other people learn...


  1. Hello Lin...what a wonderful cleared many doubts i had..i will always keep these information in my mind while helping my kids learn THANKYOU.

  2. Thankyou LIN,i have too much respect for people as experienced as you are...In INDIA it is believed that if one sees GOD and TEACHER together ,one must seek a teachers blessings first as he /she is the one who helps you meet the GOD.THANX for visiting me.

  3. Interesting post and very true.

  4. I am so glad to have found your blog! I teach theatre to 1-5th at a summer theater camp & YES YES YES, ppl learn in very different ways. Sometimes I find I have to say things 3-4 DIFFERENT ways with different words, to engage all the kids. It's because they all have their own way to learn, to hear, to store it in their brains. This goes for everyone, not just kids. LOVE your blog and WILL be back! Thanks, Cher

  5. And the way can vary from person to person, hour to hour.

  6. Great post...I like to hear it and see it...
    Michelle From Rambling Woods

  7. Do you remember this quote from Confucius?
    "I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand."