Sunday, June 14, 2009

Unique Talents or Abilities

I believe everyone has God given talents that are as diverse as the abilities to express yourself in an art form to teaching and touching lives with your example or friendship. I was a dancer in my younger years.

1. I danced in a professional ballet company The Los Angeles City Ballet. Started taking ballet lessons at age 15-after I convinced my mom to let me stop taking piano lessons.
2. Was an extra in Russian Bolshoi's Ballet's production of Romeo and Juliet in the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, California. We were sewn into our costumes.
3. Won 1st prize in my high school talent show for a toe dance. Won a portable TV set in 1958-it was black and white TV then.
4. Always wanted to dance in Swan Lake ballet and the musical Oklahoma-never did.
5. Choreographed numerous productions-Shakespearean and other musicals.
6. Danced in Boy Friend, South Pacific, Cinderella, Coppelia, Twelfth Night, Kiss Me Kate, Dr. Somebody's Toy Shop, Our Town, Wizard of Oz, etc.
7. Majored in Dance at BYU, recieved a Bachelor and Master's degree in Physical Education (dance). Thesis-Israeli folk dance choreography.
8. Toured Europe in Summer of 1964 with BYU Folk Dancers on their first tour. Saw Paris, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, and Germany.
9. Part of the first Ballroom Dancers group at BYU-loved to dance cha cha cha, tango, waltz, quick step and all those other styles.
10. Taught college dance for 10 years at BYU, Wisconsin State Univ. at Stevens Pt, Univ. of Wis-consin at Mad-ison, Calif. State Univ. at Fullerton, and started several performing groups includ-ing a folk dance group, modern and ballet groups plus creative dance classes for children.

But age and other respon-sibilities such as supporting my family as a single parent demanded that I find a different job which led me to elementary teaching then being a school librarian and finally a part time community education coordin-ator. Now I am retired-I write. It's easier with an aging body but it's still very creative and expressive. My husband isn't a dancer, though we met at a singles dance.

What do you like to do? Tell us about you and your talents in a comment or on your blog.


  1. LIN, you surprise us everyday....i have heard stories about costumes sewn into dancer's body but never believed it...until today.TOE DANCE...WOW.I can imagine the excitement on wining the TV set, my.
    I love to dance but have two left feet...i am a dentist but deep down my heart working someday as a make-up artist is my dream...thats one reason i work more of cosmetic dentistry.
    Thanks for sharing your amazing story.Regards

  2. Lin, I have to second Kavita's comment that you surprise us everyday. Wow!

    I was so interested to find out you were a dancer -- and to dream about dancing in Swan Lake too. I never learned how to dance, but I always loved the gracefulness of ballet, and especially love Swan Lake and Nutcracker.

    Thanks for giving us another glimpse into the unique beauty of Lin's World!

  3. Marvelous post, Lin! Fun to discover these kinds of things about our blogging friends. I got into acting in my early 20s and performed in a number of little theaters in Dallas, Texas. I studied acting with Sidney Lumet's father and appeared in numerous musicals. In fact when I went back to college, I paid my tuition with the money I made from performing in a musical.

  4. Wow, I just came from Betsy's blog to yours. What wonderful talented (including your writing!) women, I'm in awe!!

  5. Wow, Lin! I have to echo what everybody else said. You sure have surprised all of us. I haven't read a lot on your blog about your dancing in a long time. You sure are having a wonderful life.

  6. Our lives become compartmented by their various stages, so very few people know everything about us. It's good to hear about your dancing accomplishments, which are impressive. We get a more whole picture of you as a person.
    I recently attended a retirement reception of a former colleague. She did a slide presentation of her earlier career in California, which none of us knew about. It was fascinating to see her whole picture. Too bad we didn't know to ask when we were working together.

  7. Wow! How cool what you've done!! I always wanted to be a dancer but never was but I love to watch it !! You lived an awesome life:)Thank you for giving us a glimpse into who you are:)

  8. That's a wonderful ability. You sure had some amazing experiences in dance shoes. Your photos are wonderful.

    So how long did it take to sew everybody into her costume?

    I never had musical or dance ability, though I have enjoyed watching others who do!

  9. I remember taking ballet at the YWCA one summer before or after 6th grade. Loved it, but when given the choice of ballet or violin lessons, I chose the violin.

    These days, I write and have published 4 books.

  10. Wow, what an impressive portfolio! These are great!

  11. Oh wow...I didn't know that. How talented you are...You know what I enjoy as I blog about it...
    Michelle From Rambling Woods