Thursday, June 25, 2009


Where do we place OURSELVES in our list of priorities? Do our physical, intellectual, social, emotional or spiritual needs even make it to our daily TO DO lists? Only if we put them there and start to value ourselves. How about a self exam on the five areas listed above.

1. PHYSICAL-do you exercise daily, eat nutritionally, have checkups, watch/control your weight? Are you in charge of you or do you emotionally eat, forego exercising cause you're too busy, etc. Going to eat better later when...

2. INTELLECTUALLY-do you read or try to learn something new each day, challenge yourself through taking classes, reading or teaching something stimulating? Are you stuck in rutts...remember you are in charge of you.

3. SOCIAL-do you try to reach out to your family, friends, neighborhood and do some service daily? I know it easier to hide out or hibernate but there may be someone needing your special talents or personality to touch and lift their spirits today.

4. EMOTIONAL-do you handle stress and have safeguards in releasing it in your life? Try talking to a close friend, family member, religious leader or counselor. For me writing helps to get it out and deal with it safely.

5. SPIRITUAL-do you have a relationship with a higher power or take the time to commune or meditate in nature? Just taking a deep breath now and then can help you slow down and listen inside. Following spiritual promptings can lead to wonderful serendipty happenings each day.

Then comes the problem of balance, but only when we are caring for ourself and filling our own wells can we have the reserves to serve and love others. Be a power for good in their lives.


  1. I enjoyed this post Lin! I certainly am taking away alot of "food for thought" from it. I sometimes think life is passing me by, but really, I think I am passing life by, by not taking the time to really care for myself, to slow down, and to really embrace what is around me. The little things we do are sometimes the biggest things.

  2. Lin;

    Being well rounded and feeding all our senses is so important. I have had to change some of my priorities lately for the better.
    Sometimes it's a full time job to encompass everything on your list. That's what I strive for though...thank you for the reminder.

  3. beautiful Lin....only made me realise that though i have all that on my list ...i need to mark the priorties.
    thanks for your visits to my blog. looking forward for more.

  4. I really do try to have balance in my life. especially the exercise one. It makes my whole life go better!

  5. LIN.....this post helped me a lot today making a very important decision...i was very confused about something and now i do see things very best Regards

  6. Excellent post, Lin. It's a reminder to all of us, me especially.

  7. now why did you have to put exercise as #1? I did very well after that one. But I will work on it.....I have to!

  8. Oh dear, I failed this exam!

  9. This is a great post and I am not very balanced at all right now...I hope to find my way back to the middle soon....