Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Other Perspectives

Perspective is important,
not looking at things only
from our own viewpoint
but also others' observations.

Somehow everyone else's life
looks happier more complete
until we get closer, listening
to their concerns and feelings.

  Judging and comparing can
  get us nowhere but frustrated,
  unfulfilled and ungrateful-
  wanting more and then more.

Can we find the serendipity
and little surprises and delights
that can make each day
a growing learning experience?

Only then will we be truly happy,
able to live more fully not demanding
but accepting each day as a gift
from a loving Father above.


  1. Lin for past few weeks i have been maintaining one notebook(kinda diary)for my daughter,if my heart catches anything good i just write it down....THIS POST IS ONE OF day when she is old enough to read and understand ,i am going to handover it to her.Your experience and wisdom is very valuable for our generation who very fast is loosing touch with the basic values of life.Thank you.

  2. Good thoughts Lin! I liked the way you posted them.

  3. Very good perspective to hang your hat on! I agree with your thoughts.

  4. Receiving life as a gift rather than as an obligation is important. Beautiful done, Lin.

  5. Very timely post for when I am at right now Lin..thanks
    Michelle From Rambling Woods

  6. Odd you should mention this. I was just having a discussion with my sisters-in-law about this very thing Monday. I used to refer to Wayne's brother and his wife, Bob and Deanie, as the "Norman Rockwell" family. I didn't always say it with as much love and happiness for them as I should have... it was usually tinged with some jealousy... and just a teensy smidge of resentment, I think. I got over it eventually, and then I came to know the many holes that exist in Deanie's life. I had absoluty NO reason to envy her!
    And it kept mne from allowing the depth of love to develop between us tghat we have now... and, you're right (again). It blinded me somewhat to the great things going on in my own life.

    What a silly, pointless waste of time and energy!

  7. Where did I see that saying where somebody said if you put five people's problems in a basket with yours you're bound to pick up your own again.