Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New month

I'm always amazed how fast each month passes by and for that matter each week. Monday is here and soon it's Friday then the weekend, etc. etc. etc. and I'm retired! But what we fill each minute, hour and waking moment with is what we are becoming. It seems to me having a PLAN for your overall growth or progress here on earth is one of the most important things you can do. Asking yourself honestly how you need to change or do things differently is never a waste of time

But getting stopped by your lack of progress is not good. Dwelling on REGRETS or WHAT IFS. We just need to REPENT. That was the topic at CHURCH last Sunday, and something that all of us need: to become more honest, more kind, more patient...well you get the idea. But we can't do it all at one time. We need to focus on one quality at a time. What would you like to focus on this month? I'm thinking PATIENCE with myself, my hubby, my life's expectations, future goals, etc.


  1. Do I have to think about this? I hate the thought of needing to cerebrate on how I'm spending every waking moment. I'm just walking through the days, smiling as often as I can at anyone and everyone I see, and asking some question of them that will give me a little more knowledge and insight into how their lives are moving along.

    I don't plan think I plan too much. It's seems kind of like organizing my shoes by color and content of material... It's an exercise in futility. Most plans I make, just like an organized floor in my closet, get derailed so easily.

    I may not accomplish as much as you do... but, I have very, very few regrets. I gave up on "what if's" at least a century ago.

    Didn't I ever tell you my favorite quote about patience??
    "Patience is a virtue.
    Acquire it if you can.
    It's seldom found in woman,
    and NEVER found in man."

    It's not necessarily true, but it is funny to say.

    Let's see... what would I like to focus on this month? hmmmm... I'm thinking less time thinking about and writing about and reading about life... and more time living it.

  2. ooooh Patience is a tough one:))
    I want to just take each day for what it is worth and live it!

  3. Patience. I used to have a lot of it. Then I had children :). It isn't that bad, but it something I need a bit more of. Not with the family, but with work. I will make a conscious effort to work on Patience more. Thanks for the suggestion.

  4. This is quite a challenge. I am faced with a situation that tells me to handle life head on without looking back.

    You are an inspiration.

  5. Thank you for the comment regarding my Mother's illness..I am trying, I really am....You reminded me why...
    Michelle From Rambling Woods