Monday, June 29, 2009


Mists of misunderstanding block our view
captured by our ignorance. We are frozen in time.
No progress is possible. Sun filtering through 
clearing skies reveals lost opportunities,
we must continue our journey onward.


  1. Misunderstandings many times i have seen relations suffer because people choose not to clear said it blocks our view...your pictures very aptly and beautifully support what you want to say.....LIN thanks...wonderful post

  2. Wow, what a beautiful post. What wonders you do with your posts. I do enjoy and they give me food for thought.

  3. This is beautiful, Lin. It's a fact of life.

  4. wow! most impressive Lin....I just came from a funeral viewing and the family have been so cruel and hurtful to each other...and as I read your entry, it's how I see them...lost from each other..sad.

  5. Lost??? What? Me? Who? Where am I??

    I suppose we all lose ourselves from time to time. It's so fortunate that a loving, living, Father gave us friends and family to help us find our way home again.

  6. Indeed! Such clarity can be found in the end.