Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Ever feel like this?

I got this is in an email from a friend. I don't know who took the photo, but I can certainly sympathize with this squirrel. About every afternoon, my batteries run low and I have to recharge with an afternoon nap. I've found that I am not the energizer bunny so I have to carefully choose how and what to use my energies on--hopefully on my PRIORITIES which are: GOD, FAMILY, FRIENDS, and SELF IMPROVEMENT. How I envy my friend Caryn whose goals and priorities are SERENDIPITY! She has a real talent for LIVING...check out her blog sometime-you'll be enriched.


  1. That little fellow does look he's had a hard day -- he must have gathered too many pine cones! Or maybe ate too many!

    Ahhhh, now I share the words you encouraged Caryn with yesterday about each of us being on our own journey.

    I agree, I absolutely love Caryn's gift for serendipity -- and enjoy her ability to drink the nectar of life with such freedom and joy. And I do have a certain ability to find beauty and joy wherever....

    But there is also a side of me that relishes that sense of bringing order out of chaos, and when I come and visit your site, Lin, I feel that sense of order. There's a joy in knowing what your goal is and heading faithfully towards it.

    So I guess for myself, and perhaps for many of us, it's learning to feel comfortable in our own skin, without comparing ourselves.

    It's learning to appreciate the gifts and priorities of others without guilt, shame or reproach (for ourselves or for the other person). For me, it's becoming to aware of the revelation that God loves me for who I am, which then gives me the freedom to love others and enjoy their gifts to us.

    I like what Anne Morrow Lindbergh said in Gift From the Sea about recognizing the ebb and flow of life, love and relationships... that finding of simplicity of living to retain a true awareness of life. Balance of physical, intellectual, and spiritual life. Work without pressure. Space for significance and beauty. Time for solitude and sharing. Closeness to nature to strengthen understanding and faith in the intermittency of life....

    So Lin, I want you to know I receive and enjoy your unique gift to us!

    BTW, as I'm writing this before my first cup of coffee this morning, I hope this makes sense! ha ha

  2. Thanks for your kind words this morning. They came at a good time... I am feeling EXACTLY like your squirrel. I pulled something in my back this morning and haven't been able to lift my arm to do my hair, (so I'm looking a little rough around the edges)or lift my legs to put on a pair of pants, (feeling a bit lazy lounging in my p.j.s at 11:00 AM) can't push a vacuum or pull the comforter up on the bed (yippie!.. I have a solid reason for not doing the housework today. Good thing I did it all yesterday so things are in pretty good shape)

    I had Wayne bring my laptop down to me to check out a few things on the computer this morning. First thing I see is your blasted squirrel. He made me laugh, and even that HURT like all heck!

    You have a marvelous set of priorities, my friend. And you tend to all of them beautifully...

    I love Brenda's words here regarding the sense of order you have in your life... and your tenacity at working to reach a goal. You always uplift and inspire me. ...and... I can always share a good giggle with you.

  3. Absolutely love the photo of the squirrel, and I can identify! I'm a morning person: up by 6:00 most morning, go full steam ahead until noon or 1:00,...then I'm quite useless the rest of the day. If it doesn't get done in the morning, it might not get done at all. I, too, love an afternoon nap. That's an indulgence my husband and I have let become a habit since we retired. Of course, that's usually when the phone rings or the UPS driver pulls into the driveway, too.

  4. That squirrel is my new role model. He stopped. And squirrels never stop. So that's something.

    I have been napping after work and having better evenings as a result. So important to rest!

  5. This photo is priceless! Just how I feel right now. Perfect.

  6. That's such a cute photo - burying nuts is hard work!

  7. I feel like that most of the time..LOL...
    Michelle From Rambling Woods