Thursday, June 11, 2009

Empty Nest

It will come, that day when all your birdies
fly away to make their own nests and families.
Then comes the empty nest and possibilities
of rediscovering your self and your spouse.

Freed from daily caretaking and nurturing
or the nine to five job you are released
to develop talents and find new interests
long delayed or postponed till later.

It's time and it's getting later every minute.
Time to make hay while the sun shines.
We never know how long our sojourn
on earth will last or when the grand babies
will come along to fill our thoughts and time.

I mothered 24/7 from 1966-2001=35 years total. Had my last son at age 42. What a learning experience. He is a joy in my life and now married, his wife Rachel will present us with another grandchild in December 2009.


  1. I loved every minute of being a parent, particularly since I had been told I couldn't have children. But I have four and loved watching them grow everyday. But once they were out of the nest there has been so much pleasure and joy to discover in my own life and now I love every minute of my own life. My children still add to that joy every day even though they're scattered all over the country. Thank goodness for the internet!

  2. Wow-you had a child really late in life! I wish I'd had more children---had only one and she lives so far away we can't see each other. So am not liking this empty nest thing!

  3. Nice thoughts on family and generations

  4. Oh, I like what Sylvia said. I'll just give it a big DITTO!

  5. I enjoyed that. As my daughter grows before my eyes, I realize the truth of what you are saying. I love every bit of her and every bit of now, and I watch life change daily.

  6. Lucky, lucky you, Lin. I loved seeing my children grow and it was sad to have them go their own ways but I was proud, too. I just wish they lived closer to me.

  7. I had my both kids very late as i struggled with infertility for eight long years...i had my daughter at the age of 36 and my son at 39...long way to go for me.....right now i am enjoying parenting.Your experience is very motivating....keep us motivating please.

  8. Empty nest most certainly doesn't mean empty days, or empty heart, or even empty arms. It simply means less clutter around the house... not so many shoes collecting by the front door, towels hanging skiwampy in the bathroom, and dishes on the kitchen counter waiting to be filled with victuals and placed in the dishwasher after eating.

    It's simplified life in many ways... although when they come through the door now, they bring more bundles of memory makers with small legs to run through the house leaving a path of litter.

    Like the others, I have loved (and continue to love) every minute of being a mom.

    Like the others, I love this stage of life as well. I enjoy having time alone in the tub, fewer pair of pants and socks to wash and fold, and not waiting up until the wee small hours for the sound of footsteps creeping in after a night out.

    I find the freedom exhilarating... at times even intoxicating. It's been fun to discover "ME". And it's been fun for them to see their parents as people, not just caretakers. Life is delicious indeed!

  9. would have a child who wasn't yet 12...Oh no..I wouldn't want to deal with a teen in my 50's. I admire you for that..
    Michelle From Rambling Woods