Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Progress or Ta Dahs!

Wow, just when I was getting discouraged by not getting any paid articles published, I got one accepted in the Desert Saints magazine for March 2009. It's entitled A Lifetime of Memories: Personal Journals. Take a look. So now I'm in the midst of writing and submitting more articles. Just a little encouragement like being published goes a long way in getting the ideas flowing again. So some more Ta Dahs:

1. My family history blogging class is over for FHExpo and I learned tons about power point shows.
2. I got asked to make another power point show for Heritage Writers Guild this month about Blogging Benefits for Writers.
3. I just started a new Family History Basics Sunday School class for my church and have ten enthusiastic adult students (will post my lessons soon.)
4. Finished the HWG newsletter for this month and have some ideas for April's issue.
5. I said NO to a couple of things I got asked to do because I have other things that I'd rather do and I understand you can't do everything.
6. Was able to support my hubby in his first ever visit to the Dentist...four root canals coming today!
7. Scanned some photos of my ex-husband's ancestors to add to my son's website.
8. Got a poem accepted for a competition in Mesquite Nevada where artists choose a poem to create a piece around. My poem is called Arches.
9. Have more ideas bubbling around in my mind for future articles
10. Turned in my articles for March's Senior Sampler newspaper column entitled Looking Back-I will publish them on my blog weekly.

So tell me about your accomplishments or Ta Dahs! We all have them. Let's celebrate.


  1. You are doing awesome!! Thank you for the motivation today! Hope you hear more good news!!

  2. Wow...this is great...Ta Dahs..I have written some material on The Americans With Disabilities Act..I wonder if it is still around...I will get back to you on that...

  3. Hey, congrats, that's good news indeed. Hope it's the start of a real river of opportunities! Holy cow, four root canals - yeowie! Good thing he has you for lots of TLC!

  4. Lin, I'm sooo excited for your TA DA list! You're an inspiration.

    Some TA DAs in my world so far....

    1. Gone for a neighbourhood walk on a meltingly sunny winter's day.

    2. Met friends for a happy visit over lattes at the Italian Centre.

    3. Took a couple of my dreams out of the 'can't do' box.... I'm actually imaging living them outside those lines!

    4. Said no to a yummy looking Tim Horton's doughnut and didn't feel deprived (that was last night).

    5. Completed several sections of my March newsletter for my clients.

  5. This is my VERY favorite of your recent articles. You sound both productive and happy. I especially love that you said NO just because you had other things you'd rather spend your time on.
    Interesting... the older I get, the more I guard my time. I'm pretty free with my cash on hand... but, I hang on to minutes.

    Your "Arches" poem is also my favorite. It's speaks volumes to me.

    I'm downright proud of you, Lin!!!

  6. I'll make some bday cards after I get this Easter stuff taken care of...bad couple of days for stamping!

  7. Great for you, Lin! I enjoyed that poem. You are so busy and so effective in so many ways.

  8. I love the article, Lin. Congratulations on being published again, and keep up the good work.