Saturday, March 14, 2009


Quietly, creeping into our lives,
everyone faces those awful moments
when a normally cheerful day changes
mutates into a cold foggy afternoon.
Personal thoughts are shrouded in
darkness, disguised and unclear.
The sun is gone––What can be done?

Surrender to the moment and weep
or take pen in hand and write freely.
Discover the path of thinking that
lead to the depths of despair, then 
ask...Why is this happening to me?

Becoming an unbiased observer searching 
for reasons that support the negative
is easy, but reversing and analyzing 
the other viewpoint is important also. 
What says that...Maybe my conclusions
are wrong? With time and faith, the sun will
shine again as I fill my heart with gratitude.


  1. Very beautiful poem, Lin. It's food for thought this rainy weekend.

  2. I have an idea that the most deeply affecting works of art are often the result of such dark afternoons of the soul!

  3. It is a beautiful poem..I always say, 'this too shall pass'...

  4. Lin, What a stirring piece! I have learned, and continue to learn, that when clouds shroud my sunny thoughts, fixing my eyes on the SON keeps my hope and joy alight.

  5. I guess if the weather was always the same, we would not be as happy to see good weather. I kind of like some rain sometimes.

  6. Lovely, lovely poem, Lin. I have come to realize that being wrong is good and useful so long as I haven't hurt anybody. There is no shame in a mistake; there is plenty in causing harm.

    (The word verification below is "wait you"--advice that can prevent plenty a mistake when it is taken well!)

  7. Boy, do I ever believe in the power of writing to help a person cope with adversity. I enjoyed encouraging my high school students to do the same. Somehow, once you write about it, whatever "it" is, you start to take control of it and no longer feel that you're a victim.