Monday, March 30, 2009

Marriage Class

We had a guest speaker at church yesterday talking to our combined Priesthood (men) and Relief Society (women) groups about MARRIAGE. He was an excellent presenter and experienced marriage therapist. I loved his ideas. The audience was filled with all older couples most married more than 50 years, some divorced more widowed. It was a lively discussion about the PURPOSE of marriage.

Here's some highlights that I wrote down:
1. Marriage can define and refine us as we learn how to live intimately with another human being. If we focus on learning about our weaknesses as we interact rather than pointing out our partner's weaknesses, we will improve ourselves and our relationship.
2. The task is to learn to love the other person unconditionally as we are admonished ... Love God, then your neighbor as yourself. Easier said than done.
3. Becoming one is not an easy goal...learning to listen and consider opinions different than your own then blend two egos into one harmonious unit is worth the effort for now and the eternities that can be spent with your partner.

Then tonight on TV there was an advertisement for a website which is a Utah not a LDS church website for making stronger marriages. Our marriage should be one of our most important priorities. Check it out-lots of good ideas: Over time, small issues can grow to threaten any marriage. For help in resolving potential problems before they cause irreparable damage, click on the link above then on: Children and Marriage, Communication, Conflict Management, Enhancing Your Marriage, Marriage Across the Life Cycle, Dealing With Difficult Situations, Divorce, Facts About Marriage, Marriage Research, Money Management, Professional Help, and Other Resources. 


  1. A good marriage is an ongoing process--with lots of hard roads and high mountains on the way.I've been married 32 years and would not trade a day!

  2. There have been times when I have been frustrated with our relationship over the last 40 years. But then I would get a little frightened thinking about how a little thing could grow into a big thing if I let it, and was that worth the risk of damaging our relationship? I signed up for a life partnership, and that's what I want. As much as you love someone, you can still only change yourself, and not them. At the same time, you must be able to articulate your own needs and thoughts and hope your partner can also make adjustments.
    I feel very fortunate to have a life partner to share adventures with and with whom we can grow old together.

  3. My husband always points out that we are a 'team'....Michelle

  4. This speaks to me, Lin. Thanks for the link. I will follow up.