Tuesday, March 24, 2009


We had a fun lesson on Haikus today at our Writer's WORDshop. Marilyn shared information with us about this unique Japanese form of free verse. It's a miniature poem with generally three lines which contain five, seven, and five syllables respectively in an attempt to recreate an aesthetic experience or moment of insight. Generally it has some reference to nature or a particular event. We experimented with writing some. You might like to try it also. Here's my attempts:


Bags of seeds untouched
Wait for the gardener's hand
Sowing them gently

Shiny river stones
Rolling downsteam become smooth
Polished by nature


  1. I love Haiku and these are great!

  2. Haiku are fun and challenging. There are several memes out there that offer a realy variety. Yours are really nice!

  3. Very lovely, Lin! Good job!

  4. Good going.... I think they're lovely.

    Haiku taxes my brain too much. It's like playing chess and learning to putt. Sounds like fun, but takes a whole lot of con-centration... more than I care to put into it.

    I'm happy just to enjoy your talents.

  5. I love haiku and yours are great...