Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Another poem...

From our Writer's WORDshop. Called a Minute Poem although it took much longer than that to compose cause it has to rhyme and have a certain pattern: aa bb, cc, dd, etc. couplets with 3 stanzas with four lines of 8,4,4,4 syllables. Try it, it's fun though not easy especially finding words that rhyme. (I'm just kidding about having too many family visitors-only had two so far and we had a fun time showing them around. My mid April we will have had 6 out of 8 of our children visit, but only 4 of our total 21 grandchildren! Guess we'll have to go visit them...) 


Family––no one comes at all.
Then a phone call,
everyone wants
to swarm like ants.

They all descend, week after week.
Until I am weak
from cooking meals
and making deals.

I smile and nod in agreement.
Raising a tent
is an option
or leaving town.


  1. cute the haikus a lot...especially the one on seeds

  2. ha ha hahaha... fun, fun! I rememebr Cordell having to contort his thoughts and words to conform to some poetry type that required a certain number of syllables when he was in school. I just prefer to write as it comes. NO discipline. I admit it.

    I enjoy reading yours... I enjoyed reading his. Although I enjoy his free flowing thoughts much more. Is that called free verse? He said that completing those assignments gave him a better mastery of words....enabled him to have more control over his writing. I can certainly see that. It doesn't give me any more desire to discipline myself, however...

  3. Love this!! You have great humor. Reminds me of a saying I used to hear when I was a kid - Nice to have visitors come, and nice to see them go.

  4. Fun! Made me think of the stories you have written about your hard working female forebears! Right in the spirit.

  5. Fun poem! I enjoyed my poetry class several years ago, have to admit I wish I could take another one. Have to see what I can find!

  6. I like all your poetry. Nice job!!! I think poetry has a way of nurturing the soul. We choose few words to express our feelings, which make us sharpen our thoughts.

  7. I am no good at poetry at all, not even in school. I did love english and literature classes though. 21

  8. This is great, Lin! You are so creative and write with such wit and humor.