Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Climate Control

Something is missing as winter continues
Dreams of summer sun, fresh cut flowers
Weeding in the vegetable garden
Sunbathing by the outdoor pool nearby
Complaining of the extreme desert heat
Hiding indoors with air conditioning on high
Longing for fall and cooler temperatures
Then winter comes with its cold and snow

It doesn't take long before we
Yearn for summer, feelings change quickly
Never satisfied seems to be our nature
Expectations always unmet, wanting more
Whatever we don't have at the moment
Keeps God busy trying to answer our prayers
Does He ever long for spring and warmth?


  1. Ah, how true! What a fickle bunch we humans are!

  2. We really are such children... always wanting the other child's toy.

    Although, honestly, I never recall asking for winter to hurry up and get here. I relish every moment of Spring and Summer and could linger forever in Fall.

    I appreciate Winter's refreshment and beauty. I have never learned to love it, however. Building a snowman is fun... flopping into a huge pile of leaves is a lot more fun!

  3. Thanks for the encouragement, Lin. I think that I did lose some of the code when moving a picture. I will definitely be more careful.

    I do make pictures smaller before I try to upload them, but sometimes it doesn't seem to make any difference.

    It is easy to love winter when one doesn't have to drive in it....my 300 mile drive yesterday was nearly 2 and a half hours longer than usual because of the beautiful weather.

  4. Well, winter here in the northwest usually means rain, and now we are getting it! 10 to 20 inches are predicted to fall in the Olympic and Cascade Mountains in the next two days! After the snow and ice, the next misery will be flooding. Ah, winter.

  5. It's rather strange to suddenly live in Hawaii again where the weather is pretty comfortable all year long. I take that back. Summer is too hot and yes, by golly, I keep wishing for winter in the summer.

  6. This made me smile. I have been flipping through my summer photos in my archive looking for a break from the black and white of right now. Here we have a snow day, and I am happy for that, too. I am just realizing it's all good and the flowers are coming.

  7. Now that you mention it, I could use some sunlight right about now!

  8. I try to enjoy every season, but winter is very challenging...