Thursday, January 29, 2009

Some Food Thoughts

That's not food for thought
but thoughts about food.
Why do we eat-what a question
not just for hunger but also
for entertainment, for comfort,
to celebrate, and for a reward.

It's your birthday, have some cake.
After the meeting, refreshments
will be served-cookies and punch.
Trick or Treat-eat more candy,
holidays feasts and baking goodies
to share with new or sick neighbors.

Our life is full of food everywhere
but seldom wholesome, home grown
food from our own gardens or orchards.
We've lost contact with our food
it comes from far away places and
sometimes isn't safe for us to eat...


  1. Lin, Good post. I've had my own thoughts about food over the years.

    There seems to be so much guilt around eating, that I sometimes wonder if that's why there seems to be so many more food-related illnesses and maladies. Depending on the 'latest' research, what we could eat with relish and security today suddenly is the 'demon' of our diets tomorrow.

    I've learned over the years to enjoy it all -- just eat it in moderation. And I refuse to worry about it, because that certainly isn't good for you either! I ask God to bless my food and then I eat.

    You mention the social aspect of food -- eating for special occasions and after meetings, etc. I know I sure feel happier when there's a bit of food offered at functions.

  2. I've about decided it isn't so much a matter of how often I eat... to some degree, not even how much I eat. (I'm not suggesting it's allright to be a glutton, here) It's WHAT I eat and how little I move my body at a lively pace throughout the day.

    I came across a program called "Back to the Farm" a couple of weeks ago. The whole premise is to try and eat foods as close to the natural source as possible as often as possible. She walks us through a grocery store and shows how to do that... even with frozen and canned foods. It was pretty interesting.

    Anyway... I'm with Brenda. I LIKE being offered bagels and juice with my morning meetings.

    I certainly enjoyed the abundance of free samples available at the street festival the other evening. And I always taste about everything what's offered while shopping at CostCo.

  3. I'm an emotional eater, though when my back started bothering me...I lost all interest in food for a while. My back is better now, but for some strange reason I find I can't stand some of the things I used to eat. My diet is very limited now, so with the exception of ice cream, I try to eat things that are good for me.

  4. It's true isn't it and everything is in a package for the microwave..sad..

  5. No wonder so many people have weight issues! Good post, Lin!

  6. Lin,
    Just thinking of the connection between food and hospitality. And thinking of all those folks Jesus healed or raised from the dead and then told to go eat. I have a friend who tells me, "If you must eat, eat good food." His thoughts get me to stop eating junk!

  7. I came back to peek at the other comments. Sandy, I loved your thought about Jesus telling ones he healed to eat....