Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Note of Appreciation

Aren't you always amazed when someone takes time out of their busy lives these days to write a note of thanks or appreciation? Our Writer's WORDshop group meet again yesterday and one of the participants shared this lovely note she received after we gave 250 of our poetry booklets to family and friends. It makes you feel good to have your efforts noticed and appreciated. This is the letter written by an elderly lady who lives in our area:

I received your book "Voices from the Desert." Your poems and stories plus the poems by the other Sunriver women are beautiful. Each page is filled with wonderous thoughts and experiences of these talented women. What excitement there must have been when the booklet was published. Each one of you must feel so happy to see your work in print. I'm sure the Good Lord is looking down and saying "Good work dear sister." Thank you. God bless!

When is the last time you received a lovely note like this or sent one?


  1. It is nice. Your blog is very inspiring. :)

  2. I always loved it in school when parents would write a note thanking me for helping their child. Sometimes it was at the end of the year[when there was nothing to be gained by it].
    Lately, I have received a thank you from the hospital volunteer chairwoman. It is a good feeling.

  3. grrrrr... I responded to this and it got lost in cyberspace.

    Let's try it one more time. I may be an ingrate... but, I'm no quitter.

    When was the last time I sent a sweet and/or gracious thank you note? Too long ago, my friend. Way too long ago.

    My mother was a world class, gold medal sender of thank you notes, letters, How're ya doing notes, notes of condolence, encouragement and congratulations. She sent everyone birthday cards, anniversary cards, "you looked pretty when I saw you at the grocery store", and "you gave a great talk in church today" cards.
    I say that I want to be more like her. But, if that were true, I'd buy myself a stack of pretty notes and a roll of stamps and begin to do what she did. I guess I don't want it as much as I wish for it. Wishing easier... it throws the responsibility on some magic genie.

    At any rate... Another great post, Lin. Sort of grabbed me by my boots and hoisted me out of my lazy chair.

    I got one of those very same lovely books of poetry. I've enjoyed reading and re-reading it while snuggled under a blanket in the guest room. It's been a delight to have. And I never took the time to thank you. I think I thought I did... But, if so... it was in passing. A comment left on your post (like this one)

    So, I needed this reminder that I am my mother's daughter...and importantly, I am my Father in Heaven's daughter... I need to be more aware of, and kinder to, my siblings in this mortal sphere. I need to appreaciate them more.

    You're such a prize!

  4. Lovely thank-you note. And I, too, am eagerly awaiting the presidency of Barack Obama.

  5. That is a gorgeous note. Nowadays those things come through my world as blog comments from the gems of humanity such as yourself, Lin!

  6. That is lovely and well deserved for all the hard work that went into the book..

  7. I think notes are the best1 It was always my favorite gift to give and receive when I was teaching.