Monday, January 12, 2009

Changes are Coming

I for one welcome our President Elect and his lovely family. It's wonderful that we have progressed in my lifetime from limited civil rights for black people with integration the norm to having an African American as our president. I thought we had made lots of progress in our nation until I read in Wikipedia about the racial makeup of the Senate- the man who is replacing Obama in the Senate will be the only black person in that legislative body which means Obama was the only black senator. That's not much progress. 

I hope all of us can put our differences behind us and rally behind our president elect and honor the high office he is seeking to fill. As for our current President Bush, even though we may not have liked his war policies he still deserves our respect for his efforts in leading our country. I think Barrack is in for a rude awakening as he tries to bring all the strident voices in our country together in building a future for America. My prayers are certainly with him for his protection and success in his aims. I'm happy to have voted for him even though I don't approve of some of the Democratic party's platform. I just felt Obama was needed to lead our country at this time. Changes are coming...


Deborah Godin said...

Good post! What got my attention early on in the primaries was Obama's speech where he quoted a line from the Hopi elders: "We are the ones we've been waiting for." I hope the coming together and the action you speak of happens. No one else is going to do it if we don't!

mom/caryn said...

The key is exactly what Deborah said. "WE" are the ones... "WE" must make it happen. Not "HE". The only He I rely on to cure all of societies ills is the Savior.

I don't think the most important thing is that we have a "black" anything... but that we have dedicated, intelligent, qualified men and women serving in every capacity. And that we are willing to elect senators, governors, congressmen/women, mayors, local commisioners and presidents of all races, ethnicities and genders who are the most qualified to lead us.
Not to fill a quota or fulfill a vision.

I agree with Lin. President Bush deserves to leave office without being slandered and slapped around. He did his part in allowing us to sleep in safety on our home ground these past 8 years and should be thanked for it.

We are all going to be thrilled, disappointed, surprised and confused by the Obama administration in the upcoming years. But, no matter what we feel on any given day... we should always give him the appreciation and respect his office and his efforts demand of us.

And we should all be willing to admit, no matter where our vote was placed, that we were wrong when we are proven wrong. If he succeeds in an area... and he was not our man. Speak up, applaud his leadership in making a wise choice. If he falls flat, or makes an error (large or small) or if we find that not all of his decisions are made in wisdom, let's fess up and not be afraid to say so. Some legislation may even be made with a political purpose. That is unfortunately how many things get done in our capitol city. I'm just so sick of the finger pointing. What is the old quote? Ah yes... "Don't point a finger, lend a hand".

I add my prayers to Lin's and would remind everyone that there ARE going to be changes... there is a good chance that even though most may, not all of them will turn out for the better.
Can we support our new president through those times? I certainly hope so. A president is only one componant to the process... the Senate and Congress deserve some credit when things succeed, and must shoulder some of the responsibility when they fail.

I'm through with making any more political comments.

dellgirl said...

Good post and very true.

SandyCarlson said...

With you on this, Lin. I am excited and happy about this. So are all the kids at school. And it's really excellent to see kids excited about leadership!

Definitely a "we" thing, as Deb and Caryn point out. said...

I am very excited about President Obama and hope that this will bring new policies for our country.

Thank you for the encouragement about my blue jay photo...