Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Wisdom in a Magazine

I was reading Redbook May 2008 Issue, an article about movie star Helen Hunt written by Margot Dougherty. What was said in her interview hit me...You can't love till you make peace with betrayal. I think most of us have experienced betrayal in some form of other from a close loved one or friend at some time in our life. It certainly takes time to get over and learn to trust again. Forgiving the person who offends or disappoints us isn't easy but necessary for our own growth and development. Another thought...everything negative in your life can be turned positive. It's just hellish getting there. quoting Helen Hunt who has been divorced and had other trials in her life. Isn't that true. The capper was...life has a way of growing you up. Indeedy do! I think the title of the article was I've stopped trying to get everything right. 


  1. Betrayal is a killer. I have a tough time with it. Helen Hunt is quite a woman. Thanks for this food for thought that I so much needed, Lin.

  2. It would seem that she's turned out to be quite a wise lady. Life is so much sweeter when you learn that things won't always go according to "plan" and you don't always have "to get everything

    Disappointments slow us all down a little bit... and that's okay as long as we don't let them stop us.

    I really like your term, "Indeedy do!" I may have to use that one sometime soon so I don't forget it.