Sunday, August 24, 2008

What can we take with us?

Read Caryn's post (see her smiling face on the right) about gratitude for her perfect day and her comments on my post About Near Death Experiences:I just completed preparing a lesson for this Sunday. As a part of it, I took a piece of faux suede and wrote on it the things that I would be willing to die for. It's amazing what a small piece of cloth you need to do that. My home and land?? Nope! Gonna leave it when I die anyway. My scrumptious new outfit? Are you kidding me? The way I'm going it won't even fit me in three months. I came up with three things...THREE.

I have to tell you Caryn is an excellent sunday school teacher and really gets you thinking about your life and spiritual things. So how would you answer her question? What are three things you would be willing to die for? The first thing which came to my mind was FAMILY, then CHURCH of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and MY FREE AGENCY.

Now it's your turn:


  1. Interesting idea, what would we really be willing to die for? I'll have to think about it. My children and grandchildren for sure.....what else? Hummmm.

  2. I love that photo of Caryn. I could tell from her posts what a kind, warm and wonderful person she was. Her photo further confirms that for me. She's really beautiful,too.
    Three things? Family, freedom, (?)

  3. Good one, Lin.
    I'd die for my daughter, my freedom, and the truth.

  4. I love getting a chance to see Caryn and Kay is right..she looks as warm and beautiful as her posts are. To die for? Members of my family..after that I will have to think about it..

  5. Good grief, Lin...
    You make me like myself almost as much as I like you. How is it that you can do that for people??

    It's interesting to see what really matters to us, isn't it?

    Think I'll post about that... What's important. hmmmmm

  6. Caryn wrote "Good grief, Lin...
    You make me like myself almost as much as I like you. How is it that you can do that for people??" and Lin are best friends and that is what best friends do for one another. They remind us why we are worthy of being loved.

  7. so glad to see Caryn's face.

    Three things? In any order? 1. Robert
    2. I would hope the gospel
    3. my kids/grands

  8. Three? 1. my family 2. to go back and start again-with the knowledge and wisdom I have gained thus far 3. ummm...i'm thinking