Friday, August 1, 2008

Waiting for Monsoons

In New Mexico, waiting for the monsoons
Temperatures are near one hundred degrees
A few white fluffy clouds dot the skies
Slowly more clouds gather during the day
The air condenses, black clouds form and
Drop their burden,wild rains fall, bringing
Floods, damaging as well as nourishing
The thirsty land below and cooling the air


  1. Hi it a dry heat as all I have ever experienced is humid heat.I've heard that you have to keep really well hydrated in that climate.

    You are lucky to have a large family and grandchildren!!!

  2. Is the humidity level in New Mexico anything like Phoenix? That's miserable...temps of 107 with 85-90% humidity. Ugh!!
    Sometimes when the moonsoons are on the way there's a lot of sticky moisture in the air. But, it does make things mighty pretty after that heavy rain hits the ground. Did you get some flooding?

    You'll be coming home the first of the that right?

  3. As I recall, it was dry heat, no? I sure hope so because it would be awful if it were humid. I'm wishing you lots of air conditioning.

  4. little humidity...lots of air conditioning. i went swimming in the hotel pool and i was the only one there, so to shop and visit today will be back home probably tuesday or so of next week-Caryn

  5. Lin,
    The heat you live in astounds me. The waiting for such weather is also amazing. It creates a meditative time, to be sure.

  6. I really feel the heat more than the average person, so I would be in the air conditioning or the pool...or of course-shopping in the cool stores.

  7. Really beautiful -- both photos and verse! Enjoy because it is even hot in Utah Valley. We are 100+ again today. So, you won't find much relief when you visit next week.

  8. I have to know what it was like to cross that bridge? That looks amazing and terrifying all at the same time.