Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Olympics Reflections

for those of us who are watching the Olympics on TV each night, morning seems to come a little earlier these days. It's difficult for me to stay awake till almost midnight to see who has won and lost but I'm been impressed by the athletes' great efforts and dedication to training not to mention endurance. All qualities we could use in our lives. 

My California high school was known as the Olympians but I doubt many of us have lived our lives that way. Although we all had goals in life, whether it was to graduate-get a great job, marry and have a family and/or go to college, few have received the recognition or gold medal for outstanding achievement but then we aren't in competition with each other-only ourselves and what we can become. Excellence is a prize that most of us aren't willing to expend the effort to accomplish. 

It was interesting to watch the men's gymnastics team: the Chinese won gold and were so excited, the Japanese won silver and were disgusted with not winning gold, then the Americans were jubilant winning the bronze or third place. There's a lesson there to be learned. Celebrate your best effort not the outcome!


  1. Well... I think my kids are pretty sure I'm a gold medal mom. My hubby thinks I'm a gold medal wife. My dog thinks I'm a gold medal master... Wait! I guess EVERYBODY'S dog thinks they have a gold medal master. Maybe that one doesn't count. At any rate, I have also managed to make a few gold medal friends.

    I definitely fell off the parallel bars more than once, but...I got back up and finished the routine.

    I am satisfied that my life has been lived well.

    I KNOW yours has, Lin!! I'll personally sing the Star Spangled Banner in your honor as a bright and shiny disk is hung around your neck.

  2. p.s. I finally sorted out my thoughts enough to comment on your re-union post.

  3. The games have been interesting. The precise timing of everything has droven me a little mad, though. Technology sure makes the standards high.

  4. When my kids were in track, they practiced and competed to achieve their "personal best". It was a term I heard frequently, and I came to appreciate its meaning. Sure, winning is important, but only three can achieve the podium. Beating your own previous best can be a goal for everyone.
    Good thoughts, well expressed, Lin.

  5. there are days that I celebrate any effort at all.....