Sunday, August 17, 2008

Funny Times

Seems my husband and I usually manage to have a date weekly. It's usually to go out and eat-my favorite activity. Well, we went to our favorite Thai restaurant and had our usual yellow curry with chicken and the lowest level of spice=1. As I'm sitting there in the subdued light enjoying the ambiance and the food, I notice that there is water trickling down my neck. Hmm...sometimes when I eat Thai curry I perspire on my forehead but this time there are drops of water dripping down my neck. So much so that I have to use my napkin to wipe my neck, hopefully without other diners knowing what I'm doing. It was a strange moment-a little embarrassing but not too bad. 

Not like another time when I was much younger in my twenties and dancing on stage in a concert with a partner. He stepped on my skirt just as he reached down to pull me up to standing. My skirt fell off and I ended coming off the floor with only my crinoline petticoat and top. The orchestra members noticed what had happened, almost before I had, and stopped playing because they were laughing so much. It took awhile for me to realize what had happened, pick up my skirt, and run off stage. My most memorable moment ever on stage, but now I can look back at it and laugh.

What was your most embarrassing moment that you want to share with us? 


  1. Lin,
    I feel for you! I have had many an embarrassing moment. Perhaps the worst was accidentally using a bad word at the dinner table in front of my future in-laws. I paid heavily for that one!

  2. Ouch....I've had too that I would share. Just this past week I went to pull into the garage and somehow didn't pull the car up far enough so that when I hit the button to close it, it came down on the car and went up again. I got out and thought..Ok..nobody saw that one. Well, my neighbor's were all out on the porch across the street and all saw it. Whoops....

  3. too embarrassing to mention. Actually too MANY to mention.

  4. My first teaching job was with Black and Spanish children, and I was the whitest[only] person in the room. Later, in a different state and job, I had only one Black child. On open house night, I was greeting the parents and while going from one to the next, I'd ask them who their child was. As I turned around and said,"And you're the parents of..?
    The only people of color in the room, they said,"Obviously, we're ****'s parents!!" I was kind of embarrassed, but managed to say,"I've learned to never assume anything!"

  5. A lurker is someone who reads my blog but never comments...they are "lurking!"

  6. oh this one is easy.. in the streets of NY city me and my sister taking our frustration out in our language and running in to some other country man, and them saying.. Oh are you from **** too? and feeling every shade of colour red invading my body from head to toe...:)

  7. I was fifteen and a sophmore in high school... I had a HUGE crush on Alan Byers, who was absolutely the cutest guy in my circle of friends.

    We were at a swimming party. I should tell you that I used to think I was a pretty good diver. So I perched myself on the board, took the clip out of my long, chestnut brown hair and shook it loose seductively, balanced, bounced, sprang into the air and curved my body downward to slice through the water gracefully., which I did, by the way. But, I decided last minute to do the Esther Williams bit and open my eyes wide and smile as I entered the water.

    NOW... it is important that you know that I had a rare condition when I was in the eighth grade that necessitated having all but eight of my teeth extracted. Yes, I was a denture wearer at the ripe old age of 13.

    Back to my story... The moment of impact, the rush of water forced my teeth out of my mouth. So, there I was temporarily blinded, and toothless, completely unable to find my dentures. I reluctantly gave up the idea of just staying under water until I drowned and came to the surface just as my girlfriend, who saw what happened shouted, "Caryn's lost her teeth in the pool. And I sat on the sidelines watching helplessly as Alan Byers and every other guy at the party dove for my teeth.

    Do you have any idea how awful it was to have Alan... tall, handsome,
    wonderful Alan hand me my "uppers"
    He was shaking the water out of his hair and laughing.

    My life has all been uphill from that moment. Lots of embarrassing moments have come and gone...none that I was as devestated by...or enjoyed the memory of so much.

  8. I probably should have blogged that, huh?

  9. lol, well, one such embarrassing moment was falling asleep and waking myself up with a snork at the opera in Vancouver BC..( Miss Saigon,,, yes it was boring)

    I bet I woke others up too, but when they turned to look at the culprit, I just looked behind me too..

    smart thinking, huh? I just laugh...I had to weigh all of 105 lbs and could snore like a sailor.


    then there was the time I pulled over a gas pump....imagine watching a gas pump following you out the drive way..but really, it wasn't my fault!
    I didn't know they were putting gas in my car, I hadn't told anyone how much I wanted or anything...I left cause I was tired of waiting for service..

    Scene for a movie, I tell ya..