Thursday, August 14, 2008

Day Off

We took a day off from Olympic viewing to attend the local Archeology Club. It was an interesting change to view ancient ruins and rock art in northern Mexico in Copper Canyon. There is so much to see and study in this fascinating world of ours and so little time. You really have to decide and prioritize how to spend your time. Also worked on Tuesday afternoon with our church's Humanitarian program making stuffed cloth animals to send throughout the world to the needy and poor children of the world. Our prophet has requested that every child in the world have a toy-a worthy project. So it's been a good week with returning to my water aerobics class and contemplating again how to get my ancient body slimmer and in better shape.

Also learned how to use my word program on the computer to make a newsletter for our local Heritage Writer's Guild. Today I hope to dismantle my old desk computer and set up my new mini mac and scanner. Of course my old scanner doesn't work with the new mini. It's quite the process to change one thing and leads to a succession of new things. Ever notice that? One change leads to many changes. And our weather is cooling just a tad-relief! Fall is coming as the days are getting shorter. Lots to be grateful about you?


  1. Gosh!! Sounds like your life is full and fascinating. I've always admired the way you've managed to be so diversified. You take an interest in a such wide variety of things. Never been one to hike a narrow canyon, so to speak.

    It's August and the weather is starting to cool already. Odd, I remember August always being one of the warmest months. But, it seems to be cooling slightly throughout the state. Wonder if it's going to last. Maybe we'll have one of those perfect, Indian summers. I love it when that happens!

    Yeah.. I have noticed how one thing leads to a series of other things. It's kinda like washing your walls.

  2. Okay...I nominated you on my bloggaroo! Go see!

  3. Toy-a-worthy project? I had not heard of that before but it sounds like a wonderful idea. Caryn is right, you have many things going on in your life Lin...

  4. What a wonderful project, Lin. I admire your energy and altruism.
    And yes, I do notice that about technology.

  5. Since we are having a mini-heat wave here in Seattle, Tom decided it would be a good time to steam clean the carpets. The grandkids visit is over, the heat could dry the carpets out faster - that was his thinking. But that meant we had to spend a day cleaning, a day steam cleaning and being displaced, and a day moving back in. Yes, one thing does lead to another. But now it's done for another year and that feels good.