Monday, August 25, 2008

Back to School Time

Who me? No, I'm all retired,
used to teach first grade and
was a school librarian for years.
I do look forward to learning, 
any excuse works for me. 
Maybe I could even go shopping 
for new clothes or a new hairdo. 

Seriously, I do want to take
some classes, to broaden my
horizons, to learn new things.
There's another rock art class,
a line dancing intro, then I'll teach 
a class on pioneer research online,
and family history in Sunday School.

Guess I am going back to school!
I will still be writing my column, 
trying to get published, leading 
my writer's WORDshop group
as we create a holiday collection 
of our poems and prose to share.
What are you up to this fall?


  1. We'll be taking that trip to Japan in September. It'll be a pretty long trip. When we return, we'll be busy for a couple of months just organizing the million or so photos we'll probably take. :-)

  2. We may be retired from the teaching profession, but you have to admit -- there is nothing like the first day of school! All of the happy smiling faces, new clothes, anticipation, exhilaration, expectations of a perfect year -- what matches that? I always cry on the first day of school because the children are there, but I am not.


  3. Great picture! You must miss those times.

  4. My best friend just retired in June and is taking care of her 97 year old mother. We will be celebrating her not returning to school this fall. We taught together in an inner city school. It got more and more challenging as the years went by.

  5. Now that I'm going to be spending more time at home, I'd love to take some fun classes. Where, Lin, is the best place to check for what is available?

  6. Oh, I have a long history in pictures such as the one you posted. It's great to think back on all of those kids over the years and hope I made some difference to some of them. But I have no trouble leaving that behind me now. I am enjoying my freedom too much.
    My grandson started kindergarten in Colorado yesterday. He was so excited he forgot to hug his mom. She cried. More memories.

  7. Don't you just love going back looking at those pictures, remembering the faces and the child behind each?! I hated picture days but I'm so glad now that I took them. They are "priceless"!