Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Visiting Pearl Harbor

Young men just boys
enlisted or were drafted
to serve their country,
to help free the world
of tyrants and threats,
only to find themselves
dead or seriously injured
in a cowardly surprise
attack on Pearl Harbor
by the Japanese military

December 7, 1941
a day to remember
many lives were cut short
families ties broken
in a day of senseless
terror and destruction
that began our involvement
in World War II


  1. did you find this memorial to be totally crowded and busy? It doesn't look it from the pix but it's what i've heard.

  2. Glad you got to visit this hallowed spot on a quiet, uncrowded day. It makes the experience even more poignant. I found it almost shattering. We were among VERY few visitors on the day I walked the memorial. It was silent except for the occasional footstep of someone slowly moving about. The sound was like the final click of a coffin. It effected me deeply.