Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Rock Art Class

We signed up for a fascinating community education class that started last evening taught by Boma and Kat Johnson. See their website for more information (rock art from that website). We’re going to join their Archeology Club and go on some field trips to see the rock art in this area. I first got interested in rock art when we moved to Roosevelt Utah in 1994 as there is a 9 Mile Canyon near there that is full of rock art. My part time job at USU was as community education coordinator so I was able to go and see my first rock art on a field trip and found it fascinating.

Later we visited rock art near Vernal, then made a trip to Chaco Canyon and Mesa Verde in New Mexico. There is rock art all over the Southwest and it has been fun to notice it in different areas where we have lived including Moab and at the Parowan Gap near Cedar City. What were the ancient Indians trying to communicate has always been the question in my mind and hopefully this class will help me to find answers. It has to do with their beliefs and myths.


Dawn Mercedes said...

That would be such an interesting seminar to take! wow!

Chandi said...

I wanted to be an archeologist when I was a kid. It sounds like you like to try new and unusual things to keep expanding your mom. That's great!