Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Remembering Them

Probably our most memorable experiences were seeing history come alive and reliving those days of the attack of Pearl Harbor then visiting the PunchBowl military cemetery where so many valiant men and women were buried who gave their lives. The Arizona Memorial is located over the remains of that battle ship and hundreds of men were entombed below us. It makes you appreciate our freedoms that we take for granted. The memorial visit was free and not that crowded, we went on a sunday morning in January and only had to wait less than an hour for the shuttle to take us out. It was well worth our time.We also took time to see the Air Museum as Allen's father had flown B-125s from the Aleutian islands in WW II.


mom/caryn said...

I'm up north with a very large house and three extremely active, noisy, curious little boys to care for. So, my comments may be brief.... or not. Who knows? But, I'm anxious to see and hear about every step you took and every yummy treat you ate on this vacation. I really seem to connect with the people of the Pacific Islands. I love the atmosphere of the tropics. Not to mention the warmth. So, I'm going to soak up your report the way you soaked up the sunshine and pretend that I was there to share it with you. Naw... maybe my pretense would lead me to envy. I am dangerously close as it stands.

Anonymous said...

Isn't the Punch Bowl an amazing place! We visited it every time we had company in Hawaii. The feeling of reverence is just floating on the warm, tropical air, and the absolute silence engulfs you. It was always a shock to the system to return to the bustle of Honolulu. Gee, it almost makes me homesick. Maybe it is time to back for another visit.