Sunday, January 6, 2008

Forgive and Forget It

Good advice in the newspaper today
Something everyone needs in their daily lives
The ability to turn the other cheek
And not let someone’s rudeness or misbehavior
Sink so deep into our souls, that it becomes a cancer
That destroys all the good thoughts and love
We could develop for the offender

“Easier said than done” is the truth
We somehow remember better the criticisms
Than the compliments that come our way
Maybe because they prove the negative
Self doubts that fill our complex universe
“See I knew that would happen, I don’t deserve
Better”, but that’s not really true

We all need to develop the ability to forgive
To let go of negative feelings or reactions
As we interact daily with our loved ones
And casual acquaintances. No one goes
Around saying “I’ll see if I can wreck their day”
Our expectations and negative self concepts
Lead us to interpret situations in ways that
Destroy internal peace and feelings of love


Dawn Mercedes said...

I was tagged and now you're it too!

gremhog said...

very good advice. exactly what our bishop gave us on the 5th sunday (and you know who that is). We are having a member get out of prison in 6-9 months. She created a lot of financial havoc and there's concern all around about when she does. Robert's concerned as well, so he gave his warning that all should start NOW to repent ourselves, and forgive EVERYONE!