Monday, January 28, 2008

First day of Hawaiian vacation

We are here in Hawaii
This happens only once
In a lifetime or never
For most people, a vacation
To an exotic faraway tropical
Paradise during the winter
At home snow falls and
Covers the landscape
Most here dress in bikinis,
Shorts and little less while
Basking in the winter sun
And relaxing, forgetting
Their responsibilities and
Everyday stresses

Skyscraper silhouettes
Set against the sunrise
Tropical winds blow
Warm inviting breezes
Sway the palm trees
This is Hawaii
The 50th US state
Land of the rainbow
As welcome rains
Fall admid sunshine
Diversity is everywhere
People of many ethnic origins
Come to visit paradise


  1. For the life of me, I can NOT figure out why you were ready to come home. Why, oh why, would I want to leave strolling barefoot in the warm sand, tropical breezes wafting through my hair, sun lifting my thoughts toward heaven... no phones, no clients to be pampered, deadlines to be met, eating meals prepared by someone other than me. It all sounds like the paradise that it is. AND, bonus points here... no-one over here has had to pick up a snow shovel to get their car out of the driveway...