Saturday, January 12, 2008


What is a family? A God given gift
To help us bring offspring to earth
Then to love, nurture and teach them

Families differ, the ideal of father and mother
Is not always met, as death, disease and divorce
Devastate the secure relationships that could be

Single parents can and do raise children alone
Adoptive parents love and care for other’s babies
Some even remain single and childless in this life

But through it all, we each have an inner need
For the warm security that a family provides
They are constant, dependable, always there for us

Friends come and go, but families are forever
A mother or father’s love never ends
Grandparents are unconditional supporters

We all start out as small babes then can
Become parents and finally grandparents
It’s a cycle of learning and constant service

Older family members do leave us
As death decimates our ranks but
They are waiting ahead to embrace us

Just as our Heavenly Father and Mother
Who bless us with love and protection as we travel
The path that is set for our lives

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  1. have a treasure trove of pix, Aunt Lin! Thanks for sharing them!