Thursday, January 17, 2008

Change of Pace

Time for vacationing in will be a change of pace with no meals to prepare, no housework or computer or normal everyday activities like blogging. Time to get away with my hubby and enjoy our retirement life together in warm Hawaii... although the weather forecast calls for rain and more rain and 77 degrees. Hopefully I will come back with some great photos to share. Peace to all my blogging friends and family members-thanks for your input and thoughts. Each of you is unique and has an influence upon my life as we interact. May we continue sharing our observations of our own individual universes and be gentle with one another's viewpoints. Peace and love to all.


  1. Have a wonderful time in Hawaii. I love that place. My husband and I are taking a break from the cold weather as well. We're going on a cruise. I can't wait.

  2. ALOHA!!!

    and have a lot of fun too.

  3. I'm expecting lots of pictures and stories about this fun trip! Every time I think about you being there and me not being there I start to look like a taller than average, chubby leprochan. And you know what it is that's turning me green, right?
    I find the Pacific Islands to be almost hypnotic. I'm convinced that I was Hawaiin in a prior life.
    Well... I would be convinced if I believed that I had a few prior lives, anyway.
    Happy for you! Looking forward to having you home again.

  4. YIPPIE!! She's home. We'll be getting a full report and photos soon.