Wednesday, July 24, 2019



At age 20, I took a family history class at BYU and started gathering my family history from my grandparents and aunts. I discovered that I had Mormon pioneers on all but one of my family branches. (See chart below.) As a young girl, I remember my mom making me a pioneer costume to wear for my first grade program in Eureka, Utah. In 1947. We were celebrating the centennial of the pioneers coming to Utah on July 24, 1847. I didn’t realize then that I was a pioneer descendent as I marched in my first pioneer parade with my cousins. All of us were in costumes pulling a small cart decorated like a pioneer wagon.

Mormon pioneers had been driven from their homes in Nauvoo, Illinois by mobs who persecuted them for their religious beliefs. Other pioneers had gathered later to the Church in Utah after being converted in their homelands. My ancestors were from England, Iceland, Scotland and other areas. Many took sailing ships to America, then came across 1000 miles of desolate plains, walking, riding in covered wagons or pushing handcarts to settle in ZION or the promised land where they could worship God as members of the restored Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Click to enlarge and see my Johnson, Vernon pioneers family tree

Saturday, July 20, 2019


We have a new monument in UTAH called Grand Staircase Escalante. I've always been curious as to where it is located and discovered there is a paved road access from Boulder Utah where we took a short vacation this past week. Driving down the Burr Trail Road, there was very little traffic in this scenic area and the weather was in the 80s not 100s as Zion Park near St. George had with lots of visitors and traffic.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Birthday Anniversary Trip

We've off out of town to central Utah looking for land in Boulder, Utah to perhaps build a summer cabin. Good to get out of the heat of St. George. The temps are cooler here at 6200 feet. Lots to see and do. And a chance is always good.

Through Red Rock Canyon near Bryce Canyon
Love the contrast of red rocks and green pines
This land is really off the beaten track...
Boulder Utah valley
Lots of farms and water in this high mountain valley

Our room at Boulder Mountain Lodge
View from our hotel room, quiet and peaceful
Our room is on the second floor
Enjoying a lovely trout-rice dinner in a local restaurant outside...

Friday, July 12, 2019

Happy Birthday to me #79!

Wow how did that happen? Lots of good memories and challenges to grow from. Today I learned my best friend for the past 40 years died in Sweden after suffering from Dementia for years. Sad to learn of her passing but relieved that she has been released from any further suffering. Rest in peace Gittan Strandberg Wennerlund. I love you. We will meet again...

Truly a sister to me

Tuesday, July 2, 2019


Loving the cool mornings even if it means getting up before the sun does like 5:45 am to dress, then take a walk before sunrise, returning to sit on my patio to study/read and journal gives me a good start to my day. Later I will hide inside reading more, working on my computer and napping while the air conditioner hums along bringing coolness to our home. What a luxury-heat and AC to meet our demands year round. Have been dreading the heat which usually starts in June and continues through Sept but this year we had a cooler June and are just now getting the 100+ degree days. Hurrah!

We are mostly staying home this summer and avoiding all the traffic on the freeways. Will take a little trip soon to Torrey, Utah high in the mountains where it's cool for my birthday and to get away for a few days. What are your summer plans?